Physics and Astronomy on the Road

The variety of programs with which Purdue Physics and Astronomy Outreach works directly with students and/or teachers in either classroom or other educational settings is encompassed under our off-campus "On the Road" programs. The goals of "Physics and Astronomy on the Road" are aimed at providing opportunities for students to experience and generate interest science in ways not typically available to them and to foster understanding of fundamental scientific principles and concepts.

Learning about Bernoulli’s Principle at the Boy Scout Troup 154 lock-in.


Physics and Astronomy on the Road activities
Roadshow Roadshow
Road Show" presentation of cryogenic properties related to the thermal expansion of gases. Creating a physical model of a magnetic field during a "Classroom Visitation."

Our off-campus programs can also compliment teachers’ curricula by exploring related or extended topics, introducing scientific concepts to larger student groups, and by helping to create inquiry-based learning opportunities in the classroom.

A fundamental component of our off-campus programs is the time and resources contributed by Purdue’s SPS (Society of Physics Students) and other student organizations, service-learning students, pre-service science teachers, and Physics and Astronomy faculty and staff.

Service Learning
Purdue Physics students preparing a lesson for an elementary level Science club

We welcome opportunities for something new. If you have an idea you would like to pursue, or would like to know more about any of our programs, let's talk!

Physics and Astronomy On the Road programs are supported by gifts from our clients and friends. We are happy to suggest a contribution for bringing a program to your school, based on mileage, materials, and the nature of the program.
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